There’s No Clarity Forthcoming

We analyze state COVID19-related orders and materials every day for clients.

We were asked recently if we thought there would be a checklist large, national non-retail businesses could follow to ensure the health and safety of their workers.

Our response was quick: there is no clarity forthcoming. You will need to make your own plan.

There are quite a few frameworks, roadmaps, plans and guidelines being published by states and other government entities, even if some are not official. Two of the most detailed, thoughtful and useful are Utah Leads Together and the Washington’s “New Normal” planning documents, in my opinion.

One big problem, however, is all of the guidelines say something different.

Today, the Information Technology Industry Council, which represents some of the biggest employers in the U.S., wrote a letter asking for governments to “coalesce around a single set of guidelines that are comprehensive, reduce the risk of a patchwork response, and make it easier for all employers to identify and follow health-protective guidance specific to COVID-19.”

In this case, #BigWillNotWin. There is no coordination or coalescing or clarity forthcoming. What’s your plan?