Brenda Gleason provides strategic analysis and recommendations to help clients understand how state and federal policy issues affect their interests. In particular, Brenda has extensive expertise in state-based health policy and follows a broad range of health-related issues in all 50 states

Strategic Communications Plan

Working with a consortium comprised of a non-profit association, an academic center, and a for-profit firm, M2 researched, designed, and delivered a strategic plan for the dissemination of a public health educational curriculum. The plan was created after conducting extensive interviews, research on the state of the marketplace, and input from various stakeholders. Recommendations for creating collateral materials to support the dissemination were included in the final deliverable

50 State Analysis

M2 prepared a 50-state report analyzing all relevant legislation and regulations, passed and proposed, on a single issue of particular interest to a biopharma client. The 100+ page report provided detailed information on existing and proposed policies in every state, in addition to a summary and recommendations for every state. For ease of use a master grid comparing all 50 states and an accompanying slide presentation were provided. Analysis and recommendations for future action were integral to the project.

Business Environment Analysis

A health information technology firm that provides integrated enterprise-level software and solutions for clinical data management required business intelligence and competitive landscape analysis in advance of an initial public offering. Understanding regulatory and legislative changes and potential changes at the federal and state levels can strongly advantage health care firms as the business environment is often affected by what happens in Washington and state capitals.

M2 provided unique business strategy insight by considering the state of the market from several points-of-view including potential health care policy changes at the federal, state, and private provider levels. By analyzing changes in several parts of the health care system, M2 provided the health IT company with insightful recommendations for building the business and anticipating change in the broader industry.


Brenda Gleason works closely with clients to research specific questions pertinent to their business interests or to supporting a position. Depth of business knowledge is what sets us apart from other policy firms. Our experience on Wall Street and in the corporate world enables us to perform state and federal policy research from the point of view of a business bottom line.

Case Study – State-Based Policy

Support of state-based legislative efforts or policy-making can take a variety of forms. Comprehensive research projects have included:

  • A 50-state analysis of all relevant legislation and regulation, passed and proposed, on a single issue;
  • A stakeholder analysis for the broad topic of health care reform;
  • A summary of all bills proposed and passed in all 50 states across a five-year span on a collection of related topics.

In other cases, a client has requested a “leave-behind” with points of data relevant to a bill being considered. The “leave-behind” can be anything from a single piece of white paper with black text to a color tri-fold that is branded with the client’s name and logo.

Case Study – Competitive Analysis

A private equity firm with a portfolio of novel therapeutic products, including biologics, diagnostics and drug delivery, needed to present an overview of the private late stage development companies in the biopharmaceutical industry as it related to pre-money and post-money valuations over time. M2 provided consultation services and research based on its deep knowledge of the marketplace. M2 conducted a patent expiry analysis along with general productivity analysis of the industry based on loss of exclusivity timelines, as well as rates of change in filings for new chemical entities and new drug applications.


Providing a range of communications materials and training including:

  • Backgrounders
  • Executive briefing books
  • One-pagers
  • Slide presentations
  • Talking points

Case Study – State-Based Policy

Backgrounders M2 conducted research and wrote a series of background pieces designed for non-policy professionals on health policy issues.

Case Studies M2 conducted interviews and extensive secondary research to create a portfolio of 12 case studies on behalf of a client. Of particular importance was M2’s understanding of a broad range of policy issues related to clinical trials and health policy, and the ability of M2 to maintain confidentiality for sensitive issues in the drafting of the case studies. Our ability to work closely with the client, while at the same time maintaining objectivity in order to write cases of greatest use to a general audience, sets us apart from other firms.

Leave-behinds On behalf of a client, M2 created individualized bookmarks with health information about several states to be handed out at a meeting of governors from across the U.S. M2 designed the bookmark, conducted all necessary research and provided project management services in order to move the bookmark from idea creation, to development, to delivery.

Case Study – Meeting Facilitation

As part of a strategic planning process, a national organization of 65,000+ members engaged M2 to facilitate a day-long strategic priority setting session. M2 worked with the Board of Directors to establish a framework to achieve several objectives:

  • Identify strategic challenges and opportunities to move forward;
  • Clarify and develop a summary document of strategic priorities as a result of the facilitated session;
  • Create a document to be used to assist in the search for a new Executive Director and educate a new Director once selected.


We develop customized creative solutions to challenging health care buisness, policy and strategy problems. Other firms tell you what you can’t do. M2 tells you what you CAN do.