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Mental Health in the Era of COVID-19

Mental Health in the Era of COVID-19 Mental health care is a deeply personal issue for me. My experience in trying to help friends and family navigate the deeply flawed and broken U.S. health care system is a key part of what drives me to work on access and cost issues for patients, and reimbursement issues for providers. Mental [...]

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There’s No Clarity Forthcoming

There’s No Clarity Forthcoming We analyze state COVID19-related orders and materials every day for clients. We were asked recently if we thought there would be a checklist large, national non-retail businesses could follow to ensure the health and safety of their workers. Our response was quick: there is no clarity forthcoming. You will need to make your own plan. [...]

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Big Will Win, If We Let It

Big Will Win, If We Let It As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, so far it appears #BigWillWin in health care (in other areas too, but we focus on health policy at M2!). For example, spending on primary care in the U.S. is comparatively low, accounting for 5 to 7% of total U.S. spending, and primary care practitioners are among [...]

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